It requires a lot of discipline and hard work if you want to get anywhere.  You have to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you have to hone in on those weaknesses every day.  Cutting hair is incredibly technical, but even if technically you are the best hairdresser while you are training, when you get out there in the salon, catwalk or studio, under pressure, it's about whether you've got a strong artistic psyche and if you can keep it together.  At the same time you must be creative, technical, and communicate with your client or model consciously and subconsciously.  You can't have any self doubt - like everything in life it's about having a strong positive mind.

I am very proud that in the salon we can look after anyone, every hair type.  London is an amazing place, it's amazing because of its people.  To me it was essential that the shop could take care of European, Afro, Arab and Asian hair, in fact any hair type.  It makes me smile that it's now what sets us apart from any other salon, but to us it's the way it's always been, it's the only way it could be.

Errol Douglas