As winter arrives we finally look forward to darker subtle colours this season in the colour calendar at Errol Douglas. The colour team draws on their experience from working within the fashion industry and session work, translating the latest fashion and beauty trends to create statement colour. Equally the team is accomplished at delivering beautiful classic colour.  Featured by Glamour, Ok Magazine and MSN, Errol Douglas Colour team are ready to give you a personalised hair experience for all seasons. We hand pick our Colour from the finest in the market to ensure that our clients can see the best results, whether it's a natural or bold look, we are able to make it happen.


Errol Douglas Colour Team has been recognised in the industry with one of the most prestigious qualifications in the industry, Matrix Colour Master.  We are renowned within the industry for our continuous successes including 2 of the 50 the national colour masters. We have over 65 years of experience in the colour team.


Benefits of colouring hair increases shine, give dimensions, enhance a cut, and can change your style. The one beauty of colour is that it can change your complexion and enhance your personal style.



Book your complimentary consultation today. This can be done online at your convenience. All hair colour services require a skin and allergy test done 48 hours before the service. Before booking your experience please advise if you have had any allergy previously to colour or hair chemicals.


Colour Correction


As Summer finally arrives and we finally look forward to brighter, warmer weather at home and hot holidays abroad marks the darker to lighter transition season in the colour calendar at the Errol Douglas Salon. Hair health and condition are a key factor in determining what colour transitions are possible and, with increased use of heated styling tools, darker colouring and weather all taking their toll in Winter, bleaching is often the last straw.or the clue to a straw like finish.

Bleachless Colour Correction uses the Revlon Professional Colour Remover, a product that oxidizes hair colour with a gel based formula for anon-aggressive colour lift.  The product only removes colour from or lightens hair strands where a colour molecule is present.  With no bleach in the product it has no effect on natural growth only reacting with those strands already coloured.



Bleachless Colour Correction is effective on all hair types and shades, delivering different finishes dependent on the existing colour. Once the hair palette are clean, it's great for: 

-        Blondes that chose warmer brunette and copper tones for Winter ready to lighten up

-        Natural brunettes who may have gained incremental darker tones over time to subtlety lift with lighter tones


At 'Hair Magazine's Hair Awards 2014' we were the winners of ''BEST COLOUR EXPERT'' so you know you will be in the hands of talented creative colourists.


So book a complimentary consultation today with one of our colour masters to start your hair colour change.