Afro hair is amazing, it's almost like sculpture, it's 50% artistic and 50% technical.  In order to get the right look for a client it's about so many things, the condition, the straightening and the colour of the hair, as well as the cut.  You just need to get each of those things 100% and the client will look amazing.  Working as part of Errol's team is incredible because we look after all hair types within the salon.  We all draw inspiration from each other, it's completely unique.  My style comes from work on fashion shoots, you're creating hair that is sometimes so over the top, but you can reign this in just a little bit and it will work for our clients, particularly if they want a very on-trend edgy look.

Gemma is our young gun.  She has a very contemporary cutting style.  Her technical work is very strong.  For someone so young she possesses huge attention to detail.  She attracts a young, cool clientele, and is fast making a real name for herself in photographic and film work.

Gemma Humes

Afro Technician & Stylist