Whether you have long, short, straight or curly hair our men's individual grooming will lend itself to a cut that suits you.

This year continued to favour the traditional "look". 

A style that works well for most hair types. 

Styling gel as a product has made its return, with a strong hold and a high sheen finish; whereas before we had favoured softer waxes and matte clays.

In a juxtaposition to the traditional and classic "look", we are now seeing a longer rock style, which for the braver man can be with your own unique Bandana.

A personal style favourite of mine is when the cut is short through the back and sides and worn much longer through the top. 

This look is very versatile and can be slicked back, combed forward, or even parted over to the side.  


Other popular men's hair styling includes:  

Side parting- the side hair is cut slightly shorter than the top hair, which is combed sideways to form the hint of a quiff, or it is combed tightly to the scalp with the help of a gel and lacquer. 

Actor Ed Westwick has perfected this look. 


The under-cut, which typically features short side hair and longer top hair. 

Up to date versions of this style really push the length to its maximum through the top section. 

David Beckham initially led the way with this trend and it has been continued with the likes of Josh Duhamel.   


Short haircuts never really go out of fashion. 

Plain and short styles work well on most gents and work particularly well with a modern twist. 

Ewan McGregor does this well when he styles his hair into a small quiff. 



Actors like Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth wear long hair well. 

The style lends itself well to both men. 

The hair is an extension of their personality and works well with their strong masculine features.  



We have also seen the return of facial hair, in the form of the beard.
Jude Law wears his beard particularly well.

His rugged beard, teamed with a tousled, unkempt cut and then in stark contrast to his grooming Jude will wear a sharp, tailored suit. 


Many men have to deal with hair loss, a receding hair line or widows peak.

A short fringe is a good option, which will help detract from this inherited problem.

Jennifer Aniston's man Justin Theroux has perfected this look.  


You can speak to us confidentially about Viviscal's Professional Hair Growth Programme which are scientifically formulated with Biotin which helps maintain normal healthy hair growth from within and AminoMar C.

These days a man can be nothing without his styling equipment. Investing in a good super-fast blow-dryer such as our Errol Douglas, Infra-Red Dry will refine your style and give good foundations for hold. Those with longer hair can use our Style Professional Vapour Infusion iron. Products give your cut and style that finishing touch. We can provide a range of Moroccan oil gels, mousses, sprays and moulding creams to cater to your specific needs so immediately call the salon or book an appointment.