Gladys Lopez

Artistic Director

I've worked with Errol Douglas for over a decade.  My passion is delivering a hair cut which is precise and technically correct, however, you must deliver this with flair.  For something to be special, it must possess both integrity and beauty.  I think sometimes we buy things that look amazing but only last for five minutes, and it is vital that someone's hair looks fantastic until you see them next.  Because of my international roots and working Belgravia for over a decade, I work with all hair types.  My regular clients are from all over the world and they know, whether they are from the Middle East, Asia or Europe I can take care of their hair at the highest level of technical and artistic ability with no excuses.

Gladys' roots are truly international, this gives her a unique artistic take on hair. Gladys delivers an amazing cut and a blow dry that will last. Her training and experience result in a classic and precise cut delivered with flair to create a contemporary twist. If you appreciate quality, then Gladys' old school professionalism matched with her flair will always deliver something truly special.