Jade Blackley

Colour Master

I do a huge amount of colour work for men, whether it's covering grey or creating a very edgy on-trend look.  I absolutely love working with men's hair.  There aren't a lot of salons in London which do as much colour work with men as we do.  That's what is most special about the salon - every client is different, our work is never boring, it is never mundane.  That's got to be one of the main reasons why we are such a strong team, we are very confident, nothing throws us.  When you are colouring a man's hair, the transformation can be incredible, you can take years off someone, or for a young guy, you can completely transform the way he looks, you can give him a very, very edgy look.  I love it!

Jade is our young colourist of the moment.  She loves working with bold colours and street trends.  She is perfect for a young person having their hair coloured for the first time, but is also great working with subtle, classic looks.  She is a great ally to work with the art team collections.