Good colour is vibrant and rich.  Good colour looks incredible, it's never dull, it's almost like chemistry - you have to be exactly right with your technical work.  Once you've got that right, the artistic and creative side is easy.  I love working on fashion shoots and photographic work and bringing those styles into the salon.  Colour needs to be perfect.  When you see perfect colour, the woman will always look amazing and feel special.  I know it's just part of her overall look, but it is a very important part and when you work with Errol Douglas you never forget that.

Jade is our young colourist of the moment.  She loves working with bold colours and street trends.  She is perfect for a young person having their hair coloured for the first time, but is also great working with subtle, classic looks.  She is a great ally to work with the art team collections.

Jade Blackley

Colour Master