Jasmin Allen

Senior Colour Master

What I love most about colour is the transformation. You can take years off someone in an instant. At Errol Douglas we use a palette, and every colour is bespoke. Our clients are individuals with a diverse set of needs, and my approach reflects and responds to that: Creating a glamorous, sustainable look together that aligns with each client's lifestyle. It's vital that a good colourist listens and reads between the lines - often my clients know where they want to go with their hair but may not be clear on the way to get there, nor what will suit them. For example a desire for "polish and glamour" will mean different decision dependent on skin tone, eye colour, job type and much more, just to get to that common theme that many want to achieve. It's a form of translation and is at the core of the client relationships I've built over the past decade. Colour correction is an area I specialise in, and it's incredibly rewarding to put a colour plan together for a completely new client that helps them back on track when they've come to me to consult and provide a solution on their colour to date.

Jasmin is amazing, one of the best in the business. Our colour master sensation. Jasmin has a very brave outlook in colour and she is fast becoming a guru in her field at such a young age. She is one of the industry's educators, she is a mentor. Jasmin is always on my team for the collections, film work and any catwalk show. She is very calm and completely unflappable, but that's because she has such a strong knowledge and inner confidence in what she does.