What I love most about colour is the transformation.  You can take years off someone in an instant.  At Errol Douglas we use a palette, that is to say every colour is bespoke.  No one client is the same, so how can you make everyone fit a pre-mixed colour?  You can't, it'll never work.  The consultation is vital, you have to communicate with a client.  Whether it's the first time someone is having their hair coloured, maybe a young woman wanting an on-trend look, or perhaps it's a lady who has had her hair coloured for 30 years.  You need to listen, read between the lines, you need to consider everything from eye colour, complexion, to how a person is dressed.  The art of colour work and the ability of some is unfortunately not always consistent, a lot of my clients come to me for the first time because their colour has gone wrong.  You have to appreciate that the client is generally very upset, and lacking trust because of their recent experience.  On one level I sympathise and understand, on another I relish the technical and artistic challenge of putting it right.  They always leave looking amazing.

Jasmin is amazing, one of the best in the business.  Our colour master sensation.  Jasmin has a very brave outlook in colour and she is fast becoming a guru in her field at such a young age.  She is one of the industry's educators, she is a mentor.  Jasmin is always on my team for the collections, film work and any catwalk show.  She is very calm and completely unflappable, but that's because she has such a strong knowledge and inner confidence in what she does.

Jasmin Allen

Senior Colour Master