Jessica Speechly

Head of Colour

I enjoy creating lavish and glamorous colour. Very important is understanding how product works and the exact steps necessary to achieve the specific result my client desires. After consultation with my client and making decisions such as whether to enhance natural colour or implement colour correction, my technique involves consideration of ambient factors such as jewellery and fashion design in creating the most flattering palette. I believe that fundamental to my success as a hair colourist is being able to establish a relationship of trust with my client, understanding their expectations, lifestyle, and practical requirements. I want them to enjoy an exciting experience in a comfortable environment, secure in the knowledge that I am a part of the long-term plan for achieving the look they`re happiest with. I want them to eagerly anticipate their next appointment. I like to think the looks my clients sport act as a promotion of my service.

Jessica was brought in as our international colourist for her understanding of our international clientele and education. She is world travelled and constantly brings these elements into the salon and back to her clients. Her understanding for colour reflects on all the places she has taught and travelled to, which makes her one of the industry's leaders in colour and plays a big part in any collection I work on.