People always ask me what my specialist areas are in hair.  The truth is I have a broad range - I love delivering a very blunt on-trend look, as much as something classical, maybe more glamorous.  A lot of women want hair that they can wear in different ways depending on the occasion or their mood.  I also build a strong rapport with my clients, you have to help and educate them so that they can keep their hair looking great when they are away from the salon.  You hear all the time that people complain that they can never get their hair right themselves.  There are many reasons for this - people using the wrong products and the fact that when they are in the salon they are always looking at their hair in the mirror.  When a client blow dries their own hair, they are looking at everything in reverse to a stylist in a salon.  You can always empower a client with the skills to help them get it right themselves.

Karis is a fantastic cutter and stylist.  She is very dependable and has built up a young clientele who prefer a more classical style.  She is our Keratin expert.

Karis O'Brien

Creative Stylist