I cut hair.  It's all about the cut.  The precision, the craftsmanship and integrity of a good haircut is always central to the look.  These days too many people rely on products and a finish that may make someone's hair look great for 10 seconds, but they are just covering up what is in fact a bad haircut.  When people can't get their hair right at home, or they complain that the look never lasts, it's just that their hair hasn't been cut properly.  Many of my clients have been coming to me for years.  Their hair always looks great.

Kashmira delivers an amazing haircut.  Her clients are 100% loyal, she never lets them down.  You can always tell an amazing hairdresser from how loyal their clients are.  Kashmira's are rock-solid, they trust her implicitly.

Kashmira Irani

Senior Stylist