Kelly Millar

KM Image Consulting

KM image consulting is a leading international team of image consultants offering a highly personalised service for discerning individuals and corporations. Our transcontinental bespoke service is especially aimed at those seeking a wardrobe revival and overall image enhancement. Our talented and experienced image consultants provide high-quality, uniquely tailored wardrobe and image management practices that are convenient, discreet and easily incorporated into everyday life.

With professional international associates available in major fashion capitals, all of our clients benefit through wardrobe and image development, as well as enjoying unlimited access and advantages to unique wardrobe selections. We can help you to create the image you want to project, whether it is in your social or professional life. Our image consultants assist you to identify your individual needs and design and a look that suits your personality and lifestyle. Our proven colour, design and style principles - along with our effective shopping techniques - will have you looking and feeling fabulous from day to day, season to season.

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