There are plenty of things in life that I am not that confident about, but I am certain I consistently deliver one of the best blow dries a woman could have.  People always ask me how I do it, how I get the lift, how I make it last for so long - the truth is I'm not entirely sure, I just do what I do.  Of course you need the right tools, good brushes, the right products, but I think what makes it truly special is sometimes very difficult to define, it just comes down to flair, a certain something.  Of course I love cutting hair, the structure, the skill required, but it is when you finish hair properly that it becomes amazing.

Lorraine's customer care is excellent, and she has a very gentle demeanour.  Lorraine's cut is classical and accurate, and she is renowned for her blow-dry which lasts forever.

Lorraine Scott

Senior Stylist