My international clientele spans across all ages and I have seen first-hand how adapting one's hair colour can make such a difference to a person's confidence and wellbeing. Truly listening and understanding the needs to an Errol Douglas client is paramount to their finished look. Every head of hair is individual in style and flow, for me softness and elegance are key. I see colouring as an artist would see a painting - it can be magical to see the way which colours can entwine and blend to enhance and compliment the final finish. My journey through an ever changing industry is always exciting and one which will always be driven through the passion of creating beautifully coloured hair.

Madhu has a wealth of hair colour experience. She has been part of the industry for 30 years and has worked alongside some of the best in the industry. She is a great colourist and known for her highlights and on trend colours. She has an amazing and loyal contemporary following and is a member of the Fellowship of British Hairdressing. Through her years, her work has included TV, Film and Theatre productions as well as her work in the media. Her work is respected, enjoyed and demanded.

Madhu Reid

Senior Colour Technician