Sarah Farmer

Colour Director

After many years in the industry I am able to provide my clients with fabulous and vibrant colour to reflect their personality and lifestyle. I also enjoy when my clients ask for colour that may be slightly different, pioneering and challenging to suit their mood and desire to be different, while always still maintaining the integrity of the hair and their experience within the salon. My unique colour consultation fully utilises my many years of expertise, thus making me able to communicate and develop the right colours for all my clients wants and needs whist developing relationships with them to understand their lifestyle fully. This is what I always strive to achieve at Errol Douglas with all clients who sit in my chair. I always continue to bring fresh eyes and ideas to any new client that may come to see me.

Sarah is a colour inspiration and creates fantastic colours and shades to meet her client's wants. I have never known anyone to leave the salon looking anything other than fabulous after an appointment with Sarah. I am delighted she is part of our team.