Working with Afro hair is three quarters technical and one quarter artistic.  There's always the presence of alchemy.  In order to produce amazing Afro hair you have to understand the products as much as cutting techniques and how you style the hair.  Working with Errol Douglas you draw huge inspiration from the other artistic departments, Afro, European and International stylists working alongside each other, all creating amazing hair.  To get someone's hair completely right it's about communication during the consultation.  A lot of my new clients have had a bad experience in the past and it is so important to listen, observe and read between the lines to make sure you understand the client as much as you understand their hair.

Scott has a bright future.  He is fast becoming one of our young guns, and he is brave in his cutting and styling.  He is somebody who is going to be a big player in industry, and he is on-trend with a young clientele.

Scott Onslow

Afro Stylist