It might seem obvious, but I love cutting hair.  It's the craftsmanship, the precision and the structure that is required to deliver an amazing haircut, which I take pride in.  You can always guarantee a fantastic result as long as you connect and communicate well with the client.  A lot of the women I see for the first time are considering a dramatic change, maybe from long hair to short, after childbirth, after their wedding, perhaps when a woman reaches a certain age and feels she no longer wants long hair.  These moments in people's lives are very significant and there is far more going on than just a haircut.  You need to hold their hand but also give them a push to make the dramatic change that they want.  I have never had a client regret being transformed.

Steve has worked alongside me for over a decade, he is creative and artistic, yet incredibly solid, consistent and highly-skilled.  He communicates and connects with clients.  Steve is fantastic and a safe pair of hands if you are considering a dramatic change.

Steve Westrip

Artistic Director