I have worked with Errol for more years than I would care to remember, but it never gets boring, it's never dull.  Some of my ladies have been with me for almost 15 years.  What you do for them changes as they change, as their hair changes, but you know you are getting it right when your clients are loyal, when they keep coming back.  I am very precise with my cutting, the basis of everything must be a technically correct cut that suits not only the lady's face, but also her personality.  You have to know your clients, you have to understand them.  The finish of the hair is the blow-dry is the part that is really artistic.

I have worked with Susan for many years.  She is a great classical cutter, and renowned for her incredible blow-dries.  Her client loyalty is 100%, she is extremely talented as well as being a great listener, she deserves the following she has.

Susan Newbould

Senior Stylist